I have create this blog for my 3D Animation Assignments.
The given assignment is about to create a character . The character that I create is Pingu , a cartoon character. I also have shown my work step by step and its output together.
I hope Mr.John (En.Amirul Helmi bin Ismail) ,subject lecturer will satisfied with my work.

Thank you.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tutorial 1 : Sketch a character in artpaper .

In Tutorial 1, I have to sketch a character.The character that I choose is Pingu. I have sketched my character in 4 views in A3 size artpaper..

Front view

Picture 1

Top view

Picture 2

Left view

Picture 3

Bottom view

Picture 4

Tutorial 2 : Create a character in 3D Max

In Tutorial 2, I have to create my character in 3D .The software that I used is Autodesk 3D Max 8.

Picture 1

~ This is the work area of this software. There are many shapes and tools to create the object or character.

Picture 2

~  Using those shapes I have created the character that I sketched in Tutorial 1 in 3D Max software.

Picture 3
 ~ This is the output for my Tutorial 2.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tutorial 3 : Camera movement / Object movement

 Now in Tutorial 3 , im going to show how I did the camera movement and the object
 movement using this software .

       Step 1 :   Set the lights and camera first.

Picture 1

Step 2 : Then, click on the icon that showed in red color circle. I changed the
             number of  length to 600 and click OK. After that, click on the Auto Key
             to set the movement of camera and lights. 
             For object movement : Im followed the same method to do the object 
             movement. I make the camera static and  group all the objects and move it. 

Picture 2

Step 3 :  Starts from frame number 0 till 600, I moved the camera and set the key.
              To view the animation ,I right-clicked on Perspective that top of the 
              workarea  > select Views > select Camera 01 >  then click on Play Animation
               icon.The following steps are same for object movement .
Picture 3

Step 4 :  To do the rendering select the Rendering from menu bar > select Render > 
              choose Common > in Common Parameters choose Active Time Segment 
              option button > then scroll down and in Render Output click on Files button > 
              select there where want to save the file > click Render .

Picture 4
The animation is starts to render the animation .

Picture 5

Videos :

To view the output for camera and lights movement video & object movement video 
click on the link : 

 This is my output after add some effects on my videos .

Description of Autodesk 3ds Max 8

Autodesk 3Ds Max  is a modeling ,animation and rendering package developed by Autodesk Media and Entertainment. It has modeling capabilities, a flexible plugin architecture and is able to be used on the Microsoft Windows platform.

3ds Max has also been used in the development of 3D computer graphics for a number of video games.
Architectural and engineering design firms use 3ds Max for developing conceptual art and previsualization . Educational programs at the high school through university level use 3ds Max in their courses on 3D computer graphics and computer animation .